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Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Michelle Guthrie originating from the west of Ireland in a small coastal village in Co.Clare. I am a competitive powerlifter and strongwoman and currently hold winning national titles in my weight class in both sports. 

Most people are interested in how I got to be where I am and the answer is simple; hard work and diligence. I live the life of an athlete (or at least I aim to). This doesn't make me the best but it for sure helps me perform as I do. I train 4 times a week for on average 1.5hours a day and have a very disciplined diet thanks to the help of my nutrition coach Bryan Hickey of Ultimate Conditioning Ireland.

2017 for me has been the year for really improving myself as a strongwoman athlete. This has meant a change in focus of training and also increasing my body weight so I can be more competitive. In July I obtained the title of Republic of Ireland's Strongest Woman in Wexford and went on in September to be named All Irelands Strongest Woman where I set a new national lightweight deadlift record of 165kg.

Following this, I was selected as one of the top 30 lightweight strong women in the world to compete in the inaugural World Strongest Games in the USA in December 2017.

NutriSci came on board just before I jetted off and I am excited to see where we can go as a team in 2018.

Michelle Guthrie - with NutriSci product

A Small Fish in a Big Pond

Michelle Guthrie in the gym

What an incredible experience World Strongest Games was! The biggest stage an amateur strongwoman can compete at and I was a part of it. I knew going in it was going to be a tough ask to get into the top 10 but that did not hinder my training.

To be amongst the women that are killing it in the sport, whom I idolise and aim to be even 10% like, surrounded and encouraged me in every event. They didn’t treat me any different and I guess that's one of the reasons I love the sport. Its competitive but incredibly supportive.

There were 4 events on day 1 and after a big bowl of oats and Nutrisci Chocolate Whey I started with max log. I set an Irish record of 61kg which I was thrilled about, it just wasn't competitive enough to hit a top spot in the overall. 2nd event was a 180kg Yoke for 15m in the fastest time, another event I completed but yet again not fast enough to clock up the big points. 3rd event was car deadlift; normally a good event for me but on the day the vehicle just proved too heavy for me along with a number of women. Final event of the day was a medley of carries over 15m. I managed to clock up points in this event but not enough to get through to day 2.

Was I disappointed in my performance? At first, yes, certain events could have went better but did I give it my all….Absolutely! I am delighted to have had the opportunity to compete with the best, I never thought I would come away with the win but that didn’t stop me doing my utmost best to. This competition has given me an even hungrier appetite to be better, get stronger and move faster! I have a ways to go to be at the standard of the ladies I competed alongside but that just gives me something to work towards.

The aim now is to reflect and review what needs improving and bring a better package next year to Worlds Strongest Games.

If you are interested in finding out more about what our NutriSci Ambassador is up to, you can follow Michelle Guthrie on Instagram.


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